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Watercolor Tutorials: Learn to Paint!
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How to Paint Watercolors
Introduction: How to Paint Watercolors
If you want to paint here is a little common sense, inspiration, and a few pointers.
Beginners Guide to Watercolor Materials
Beginners Guide to
Basic Watercolor Painting Supplies

Bring yourself up to speed with this easy 6 step checklist for beginners.
The Classic watercolor brush grip
How to hold a watercolor brush
Six new ways to lose your grip and gain control of your brush. Holding your brush in unfamiliar ways can get new and interesting results.
Bands of Color Brush Exercise
Basic Brush Control Exercises
Six secret skills to help you develop your watercolor brush control. Learn what your brush can do with these easy classic exercises.
flat.jpg, 6 kB
Flat Wash
The first basic watercolor skill to learn. Take some time and learn to paint flat washes. It will be time well served.
graded.jpg, 5 kB
Graded Wash
The second basic watercolor wash skill. Learn how to make an evenly graded dark to light wash.

glaze.jpg, 6 kB
Glazed Wash
Getting multi-layered jewel tones in a simple composition using the technique of glazing your watercolor washes.

wet.jpg, 6 kB
Wet-in-wet Technique
An exciting exercise in the free flowing possibilities of watercolor. Practice often, it's fun.

dry.jpg, 7 kB
Dry Brush Technique
Proper brush handling and paint consistency is needed in this easily learned watercolor technique.

wetlift.jpg, 7 kB
Lifting Wet Watercolor
Watercolor lightens easily when wet. Plan ahead before you paint.

drylift.jpg, 6 kB
Lifting Dry Watercolor
Lifting and lightening dried watercolor paint. (Elbow grease and a light touch)

splatter.jpg, 7 kB
Splattering Textures and...
Some people do it on purpose. A fun technique for the playful at heart. With Spray (below)
spray.jpg, 6 kB
...Spray Textures
Recycle your toothbrush for some fun spraying action. Don't use it for your teeth again, that's just gross.

sgraffitto.jpg, 7 kB
Sgrafitto Textures and...
A light scratch, a burnished caress, an agressive knife attack...linear texture. With Stamped (below)

stamped.jpg, 7 kB
...Stamped Textures
Sponges, tissues, and anything you can get your paint to stick to can be a "handy" tool.

water.jpg, 6 kB
Back Wash

Intentional drips or controlled back washes. There's lots of texture in simple water.

alcohol.jpg, 7 kB
Alcohol Texture
It's not just for boo-boos. Flick a bit on your watercolors and watch what happens.

salt.jpg, 6 kB
Salt Texture
Kosher or not, you'll sea salt in action and the problems it can create. You want fries with that?

tissue.jpg, 9 kB
Tissue Paper Texture
Next time you unwrap a present, save that tissue! It does fascinating things to paint.
plastic.jpg, 8 kB
Plastic Wrap Texture
It's not just for leftovers. See how this common item makes unique textures.

mask.jpg, 8 kB
with Frisket

Painting using basic liquid frisket masking techniques for saving the lights in your watercolor painting.

wax.jpg, 8 kB
Wax Resist

From crayolas to candles, an irresistable technique. You get the idea.

grid.jpg, 6 kB
Color Grid Exercise
An exercise to learn learn about how your colors work with each other as transparent (or not) glazes.

tracing.jpg, 6 kB
Tracing Paper
Testing ideas and adding elements using a tracing paper transfer made with graphite..
   (Part 2 here)

blowdry.jpg, 7 kB
Blow Dryer Tips
Learning to dry and not fry when your artistic patience is wearing thin.

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