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Step-By-Step Paintings: Look, read, do, learn
Sunlight in Southern France
Step-by-Step Watercolours lessons by Allan Kirk of painting Holidays.

Mediterranean Beach step by step watercolor lesson by Allan Kirk
"Mediterranean Beach Scene"
In around four hours, you will create a beautiful watercolour showing an idyllic beach in the Mediterranean, where families are relaxing together in the summer sunshine.

Visit Allanís website where you will find details of his workshops and demonstrations, painting holidays, and find a wealth of watercolour tips in his step by step watercolour lessons and on his blog.
Detail of Blue Window step-by-step watercolour © 2008 Allan Kirk
Detail of "Blue Window"
Blue Window

Allan Kirk's impressionistic watercolour exercise shows how to capture light and present the beauty that can be found in the simplest of subjects. The composition is brought to life by the way transparent watercolour is used to reflect the strong light and dark tones found under the southern French sun.

Purple Iris © 2005 Gregory Conley
Step-by-Step Watercolor Painting Introduction
A few insiprational words from our artist-in-residence
Daylight Lighthouse © 2006 Gregory Conley
Daylight Lighthouse

A walk-through in the creation of a small painting of the Lorain Lighthouse on Lake Erie.
Purple Iris © 2005 Gregory Conley
Purple Iris

Some rather gaudy Purple Irises serve as willing subjects for working wet-in-wet and glazing for bright, colorful, results.
Frostville Barn House © 2005 Gregory Conley
Frostville House

The Carpenter house was built circa 1830. This house is an example of the best of two-story frame houses of the Post-Colonial Period of the Western Reserve.
Three Limes on Limes St. by Greg Conley
Using a wide variety of corrective techniques I layer glazes and textures to coax a trio of citrus to appear...all to a lovely Mozart soundtrack.
Line of Pines © 2005 Gregory Conley
Line of Pines

After underpainting in bright basic hues, I develop a field and the tree line in high silhouette. This was a fun experiment.
Nighttime Lighthouse © 2006 Gregory Conley
Nightime Lighthouse

An interesting foray into nighttime lighting effects using a nautical theme, the West Break Water Lighthouse in Cleveland, Ohio.
Big White Barn © 2005 Gregory Conley
White Barn

Here is a large white barn on a hillside with out buildings. Some minor drylift changes were made to one section. Watch.
Ugly Purple tree © 2005 Gregory Conley
Frisket Tree

A weird composition, but a fun painting to build using liquid frisket technique. I used some interesting all over glazing techniques and a lot of detailed and textured brushwork.
Furry Tri-Color Cat © 2015 Watercolor University
Furry Tri-Color Cat

Here is a close-up of a furry, tri-colored kitten painted with a Grisaille technique. Click here if you prefer watching a step-by-step video on our Watercolor University.
Pink Lily Flowers © 2015 Watercolor University
Pink Lily Flowers

Here's a close-up of pink lily flowers painted with wet-on-wet, wet-on-dry and splattering techniques. Video coming soon.
Various step-by-step watercolor video classes
Video Lessons

Watch dozens of step-by-step video classes, all taught by award-winning artists, at our Watercolor University.
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