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Learning Center: Look, read, learn to make art
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Watercolor Brushes
Learn about your primary tool of the trade, your watercolor brush.
Paints & Pigments
Hard or moist cakes? Liquid or tube? Learn about watercolor paints and pigments here.

Watercolor Paper
A plethora of information concerning watercolor papers, blocks, pads, and alternatives.

Stretching Paper
Large sheets of lightweight watercolor paper need to be s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d. Learn how here.
Do you know the good places to mix your paint? From simple to high tech, we look at watercolor palettes.

Matting & Framing
For preservation and presentation, you should care how your finished, ready to hang, art looks. Learn how.

Pro's Choice
A brief survey of watercolor materials used by professional artists.

Famous Artists
Artists of fame who have used watercolor in unique and wonderful ways. (that's Albrecht Dürer)

History of Watercolor
The rise of the "colourmen" in the 20th century.

The Art Journal
Judi Russell's 10 easy steps to becoming a more creative artist through self-exploration.
Sumi-e Painting
Introduction to the asian art of sumi-e. A deceptively simple form that requires much practice.

Egg Tempera
A technique raised to a high art in the renaissance is still practiced widely for it's unique paint quality.

The popular permanent plastic medium that can be used like watercolor.

Histories, information, and links for the world's top art supply manufacturers.

Color Theory
Color influences mood and the unconscious mind. Learn how colors work together. Printable color wheel!

Perspective Primer
Bring the depth of the third dimension to your two dimensional work.

Composition Secrets
How tic-tac-toe helps calm our visual souls and why an "S" draws us in.

The Golden Ratio
Phee-Phi-Pho. Phi. The humungous mathematical constant found in the fabric of our lives.

Design Basics
The Principles of Design are implemented through the Elements of Design. We'll give you the essentials.
Drawing Materials
Learn to make your mark as we explore the materials of the most basic art, drawing.
Lines & Values
Shading? Crosshatching? You'll value this breakdown of drawing techniques for reproducing lights and darks.

Recommended Reading
Here is a selection of good reference books you might want to check out of your local library or purchase for your own reference library. The links go to where you can find used copies of many of these classic watercolor painting books cheap.

Good Watercolor Books
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