Watercolor (primary medium: watercolor)

Acree Carlisle (Watercolor - TX,USA)
Adrian James (Watercolour – UK)
Adrienne Pavelka (Watercolor – New Zealand)
Adrie Hello (Watercolor - Netherlands)
Agnes Korfanty (Watercolor - Poland)
Agus Budiyanto (Watercolor - Indonesia)
Ahmed Shawky (Watercolor - Egypt)
Aida R. Hughes (Watercolor - CA,USA)
Aileen McLeod (Watercolor/Gouache - Australia)
Al LeBlanc (Watercolor - LA,USA)
Alain Deschamps (Watercolour/Aquarelles - France)
Alan Capps (Watercolor - NC,USA)
Alan Oliver (Watercolour - UK)
Alan Pedders (Watercolour - UK)
Alex Tolstoy (Watercolor - HI,USA)
prof. Alfred Freddy Krupa (de Tarnawa) M.F.A. (Watercolor/Acrylic - Croatia) Link 2
Alfred Ng (Watercolor - Ontario,Canada)
Alessandro Andreuccetti (Watercolor - Italy)
Allan Kirk (Watercolour - France)
Ally Benbrook (Watercolor – CA,USA)
Amanda Brett (Watercolor - New Zealand)
Amanda New (Watercolour - UK)
Amy Callaway (Watercolor - MO,USA)
Ana Pardo (Watercolor/Oil - Spain)
Ana Picolini (.com.br) (Watercolor/Pastel - Brazil)
Ananta Mandal (Watercolor/Acrylic - India)
Andrι Mιhu (Watercolour - France)
Andrea Schneeberg (Watercolor - WI,USA)
Aneta Saks (Watercolor - Wolomin,Poland)
Ann Hamilton (Watercolor - AL,USA)
Ann Hamilton (Watercolour - Ontario,Canada)
Ann Schentrup Bell (Watercolor/Mixed - TX,USA)
Anne Brennan Vela (Watercolor - TX,USA)
Anne D'Alton (Watercolor - France)
Anne Maurer (Watercolor/Oil/Acrylics - MD,USA)
Anne Popperwell (Watercolor – Mexico)
Annette Bush (Watercolor/Oil - GA,USA)
Annette Raff (Lessons Link) (Watercolour – Australia)
Antonio Broccoli Porto (Watercolor - Puerto Rico)
Arthur Kvarnstrom (Watercolor - NY,USA)
Barbara Carnahan (Watercolor - CA,USA)
Barbara Lindsey (Watercolor - MO,USA)

Yosemite Waterfalls © Barbara Nechis
A Featured Artist
Napa Valley artist Barbara Nechis has been a leading voice in the last three decades of watercolor painting. Her books Watercolor: The Creative Experience (1979) and Watercolor from the Heart (1993) have taught thousands of artists to let loose with free flowing creativity using her ground-breaking techniques.
For workshop schedules (and more) visit her website www.barbaranechis.com

Bee K C Tan (Watercolor - WA,USA)
Bee Morrison (Watercolour - UK)
Behzad Bagheri (Watercolor/Architect - Iran)
Berle Bledsoe (Watercolor/Drawing - OR,USA)
Beth Whitney (Watercolor - MA,USA)
Betty Rogers (Watercolor - MA,USA)
Beverley Arthur (Watercolour/Pastel - UK)
Beverley Bozarth (Watercolor - NY,USA)
Beverly A. Mitchell (Watercolor - MA,USA)
Bhagvati Nath (Watercolor - India)
Bhupinder Singh (Watercolor - Canada)
Bill Hudson (Watercolor/Maritime – CA,USA)
Bill Teitsworth, NWS (Watermedia, PA,USA)
Bob Fagan (Watercolor – ID,USA) Link 2 (Videos/DVDs – USA)
Bobbi Price (Watercolor – CA,USA)
Brenda Semanick (Watercolor/Oil - AZ,USA)
Brenda Swenson (Watercolor - CA,USA)
Bridgette Adams (Watercolor - HI,USA)
Bruce Shea (Watercolor - Montreal,Canada)
Brian Rylance (Watercolour - UK)
C. K. Dunlap (Watercolor - WA,USA)
C. Bonnie Jones (Watercolor - FL,USA)
Carl Conway (Watercolour/More - UK)
Carl Purcell (Watercolor/Drawing - UT,USA)
Carla O'Connor AWS,NWS
Carol Carpenter (Watercolor – NM,USA)
Carol Carter (Watercolor - MO,USA)
Carol Cottone-Kolthoff, MFA (Watercolor - CA,USA)
Carol Crawford (Watercolor - FL,USA)
Carol Gildar (Watercolor - IL,USA)
Carol Lois Haywood (Marine Watercolors - CA,USA)
Carol MacLeod (Watercolor - MI,USA)
Carol Taschek (Watercolor/Oil - NM,USA)
Carol Wickenhiser-Schaudt (Watercolor)
Carole Andrews S.B.A (Watercolour - UK)
Caroline Despres-Garnier (Watercolour - France)
Carolyn Lord (Watercolor/Oil- CA,USA)
Carolyn Pascarella (Watercolor)
Carolyn Wilson (Watercolor/Mixed Media - CA,USA)
Catherine Anderson, AWS (Watercolor - CA,USA)
Catherine Bennett (Watercolor - NY,USA)
Catherine Hillis (Watercolor Workshops - VA,USA)
Catherine Stock (Watercolors/Illustration - France)
Cathy Hegman (Watercolor - MS,USA)
Cathy Johnson
Cathy Quiel (Watercolor - CA,USA)
Cecilia Price (Watercolor/Other - AL,USA)
Charlene Celio (Watercolor/Acrylic - CA,USA)
Charles Evans (Watercolour - UK)
Charles L. Peterson (Watercolor – WI,USA)
Charles Rowland (Watercolor - OH,USA)
Charles Van Horn (Watercolor/Pastel - TX,USA)
Charles Sluga (Watercolour - Australia)
Cheryl McDonald (Watercolor/Drawing – CA,USA)
Cheri Miller (Watercolor - VA,USA)
Chito Gonzaga (Watercolor – Canada)
Chris Beck, NWS (Watercolor/Acrylic – CA,USA)
Chris Fothergill (Watercolour – UK)

© 2008 Chris Roberts
A Featured Artist
Chris Roberts
Watercolor Workshops - IL,USA
Chris uses his casual style to "Paint a Story."

Chris Van Winkle, NWS (Watercolor - Canada)
Christian Couteau (Watercolor – France) Link 2
Christina Giza
Cristina Monreali Rossi (Watercolor - Italy)
Christine B. Ghattas (Watercolor - San Josι, Costa Rica)
Christine Waara Studio (Watercolor - NY,USA)
Christy Edwards (Watercolor – NY,USA) Link 2
Chuck McPherson (Watercolor/Oil - CA,USA)
Chuck Van Horn (Watercolor – NY,USA)
Cindy Alexander (Watercolor - IL,USA)
Cindy Lee Oleson (Watercolor - ID,USA)
CJ Rider (Watercolor/More - Arizona, USA)
Clara Sue Beym (Watercolor - NJ,USA)
Claudio Menegazzi (Watercolor - Italy)
Clive Edwards (Watercolor/Oil – UK)
Colin Hardingham (Watercolor/Oil - Norfolk,UK)
Colleen Lambert (Watercolor - WA,USA)
Conni Reinecke (Watercolor - WA,USA)
Courtney Clinedinst (Watercolor - VA,USA)
Cristina Rodrigues (Watercolor/Drawing - Portugal)
D. John Wood (Watercolour - UK)
Dr. Kausar (Watercolor/Oil/Acrylic - India)
Dale Perkins (Watercolor - CA,USA)
Dan Cross (Watercolor - IA,USA)
Dana O'Pray (Watercolour - Ontario,Canada)
Daniel Colvin (Watercolor/Mixed - WA,USA)
Daniel Fishback (Watercolor/Oil - MO,USA)
Daniel Merriam (Watercolor - HI,USA)
David Bellamy (Watercolour - UK)
David Burge (Watercolour/Oil - Australia)
David Castle (Watercolor – CO,USA)
David Coupe (Watercolour - UK)
David James Rankin (Watercolor – OH,USA)
David Poxon (Watercolour - UK)
David R. Becker TWSA (Watercolor - CA,USA)
David Scheirer (Watercolor - MD,USA)
David B. Goldstein (Watercolors - NY/Hong Kong)
David Webb (Watercolour - UK)
Davit Mirzoyan (Watercolor/Gouache - UT,USA)
Dawn McLeod Heim (Watercolor - CA,USA)
de l'Aigle (Watercolor - ID,USA)
Deborah Cavenaugh (Watercolor/Jewelry - NC,USA)
Debbie Cannatella (Watercolor – TX,USA)
Deborah Friedson (Artist/Author - NY,USA)
Debbie Homewood (Watercolour - Canada)
Debbie Lewis (Watercolor – CA,USA) Link 2
Debbie M. Klassen (Watercolor - AZ,USA)
Debi Watson (Watercolor - PA,USA)
Delledonne Maria Pia (Watercolor - Italy)
Dennis Pollard (Watercolor - WA,USA)
Denny Dowdy (Watercolor - MO, USA)
Des Murphy (Watercolour - France)
Dhanashri Athavale (Watercolour - Ottawa,Canada)
Dianne Bersea (Watercolor)
Diane Hark (Watercolor/Acrylic - PA,USA)
Diane K. Smith (Watercolor – CA,USA)
Diane Lary (Watercolor - FL,USA)
Diane MacPherson (Watercolor/Oil/Pastel - NH,USA)
Dirk Fornoville (Watercolor - Belgium)
Don Getz (Watercolor - OH,USA)
Don O'Neill (1924-2007) (Watercolor – CA,USA)
Donna K. Read (Watercolor - NJ,USA)
Doreen Doherty (Affordable Watercolors - Canada)
Dorothy Johnston (Watercolor - CO,USA)
Doug Opalski (Watercolor)
Douglas Hunt (Watercolor - Canada)
E. Gordon West (Watercolor – TX,USA)
Ed Giecek, PWS (Watercolor - WA,USA)
Edgar Whitney Watercolor Site
Eduardo Nicolai (Watercolor - Tierra del Fuego)
Edwin H. Wordell NWS (Watercolor - CA,USA)
Edo Aquarelles (Watercolor - Netherlands)
Elizabeth Fluehr Artzone (Watermedia - NE,USA)
Elizabeth Malczynski Littman (Watercolor - CT,USA)
Ellen Fountain NWS (Watercolor-Lessons, USA)
Ellen Long (Watercolor/Wildlife Art - SC,USA)
Elyse Campus Cohen (Watercolor/More - CA,USA)
Emanuel-Teitsworth Studio (Watercolor/More - PA,USA)
Emil Kerie (Watercolor – BC,Canada)
Emily Eifert Brown (Watercolor - DE,USA)
Eric Michaels OPA,NWS,PSA (Watercolor – NM,USA)
Eric Thompson (Watercolour - UK)
Eric Wiegardt, AWS,NWS (Watercolor - WA,USA)
Erika Proctor (Watercolor - Nova Scotia)
Erin Harris Delacruz (Watercolor - Dominican Republic)
Eugene Bortnick (Watercolor/Figurative/Other - KA,USA)
Evelyn Dunphy (Watercolor Workshops – ME,USA)
Ev Hales (Watercolor/More - Australia)
Ewen MacDonald (Watercolor - Turkey)
Fabio Cembranelli (Watercolor - Brazil)
Fernando Pena (Watercolors - Uruguay)
Fleur Laird Long (Watercolor - NM,USA)
Frances Miles (Watercolour - UK/France)
Frank Francese NWS (Watercolor - CO,USA)
Frank Haddock (Watercolor/Drawing - Canada)

Colores de Taxco © Frank Webb
A Featured Artist
Frank Webb has conducted watercolor workshops worldwide and in all 50 states. A dolphin fellow (DF) of the American Watercolor Society and a member of the National Watercolor Society, Frank has authored three watercolor books and five instructional videos. He is included in "20 Great Watercolor Teachers" by the American Artist Magazine, Watercolor.

Fusun Cakiroglu (Watercolor/Oils - Turkey)
Gabriele Baber (Watercolor/More - CA,USA)
Galina (Watercolor/Oil - Brazil)
Garrin Riggin (Watercolor - MD,USA)
Gary & Jacob Walters (Watercolor/Oil - MS,USA)
Gayle Laible Designs (Watercolor - KY,USA)
Geeta Pattanaik (Watercolor/Oil - CA,USA)
George James AWS/DF,NWS (Watercolor - CA,USA)
Gerald H. Weiss (Watercolor - CT,USA)
Gerard Hendriks (Watercolor - Netherlands)
Gerhard Hillmayr (Watercolor - Germany)
Gerhard Ritter (Watercolour/Oil - Australia)
Gerry Hartland (Watercolor/Drawing - Australia)
Ginger Pena (Watercolor-Canvas - CA,USA)
Ginnie Conaway (Watercolor/Acrylic - NC,USA) Link 2
Ginny Barkman (Watercolor - BC,Canada)
Ginny Stiles (Watercolor/Acrylic - FL,USA)
Giovanni Marco Sassu (Watercolor - Italy)
Giuliano Belmonte (Watercolour - Italy)
Gloria Davis (Watercolor – Ireland)
Gloria Miller Allen (Watercolor - ID,USA)
Goly Ostovar (Watercolor Workshops - OR,USA)
Grant Fuller (Watercolor - Canada)

Felix in repose © copyright Greg Conley
Supreme Imperial Commander
Greg paints and writes the lessons, advice, and other content for www.watercolorpainting.com.
His personal site chronicles the best of his creative endeavors.

Greg Howard (Watercolour - UK)
Gregory Dunham (Watercolor – ME,USA)
Guan Weixing (Watercolor - China)
Guy Troughton (Watercolor - Australia)
Hank Pulkowski (Watercolor - SC,USA)
Hanna Adler (Watercolor – CA,USA)
Hannie Rieuwerts (Watercolor - Netherlands)
Hanno Edelmann (Watercolor/More - Germany)
H.R. Giger
Helen Levitan (Watercolor - TX,USA)
Helen Shideler (Watercolor - Canada)
Henny Schόtz (Watercolour - Netherlands)
Herb Reed (Watercolor - TX,USA)
Hercel Stallard (Watercolor - FL,USA)
Herry Arifin (Watercolor – Toronto,Canada)
Ian Warne (Watercolour - Australia)
Ingrid Neuhofer Dohm (Watercolor - IL,USA)
Inner Sign (MablO) (Watercolor - Italy)
Irina Sztukowski (Still Life/Floral/Watercolor - CA,USA) Link 2
Iryna's Art (Watercolor - Canada)
J. Gale Webber (Watercolor - CA,USA)
Jack Docters (Watercolours - Netherlands)
Jack Nolan (Watercolor - FL,USA)
Jackie Canna (Watercolor – MA,USA)
Jacqueline Endlich (Watercolor/Drawing - FL/TX,USA)
Jaimie Cordero (Watercolor - FL,USA)
James A. Humphrey (Watercolor/Oil)
Jan Blanch (Watercolour - Norfolk,UK)
Jan Hart (Watercolor - NM,USA)
Jan Pasteur (Watercolour - Netherlands)
Jane H. Annis (Watercolor - NJ,USA)
Jane Freeman (Watercolor - MN,USA)
Jane Jackson (Watercolor - SC,USA)
Jane Paul Angelhart (Watercolor Portraits - CO,USA)
Jane Walton (Watercolour - UK)
Janice Anne (Watercolor – FL,USA)
Janice Blaine (Watercolor - Alberta,Canada)
Janine Gallizia (Aquarelle - France)
Jean Cole (Watercolors - CO,USA)
Jean Haines (Watercolour - UK)
Jean Jansen (Watercolor - KY,USA)
Jean Lurssen (Watercolor - CA,USA)
Jean Olson Sumption (Watercolor - AZ,USA)
Jean Sumption (Watercolor - AZ,USA)
Jeanean Songco Martin (Watercolor – TX,USA)
Jeanne Dobie AWS,NWS
Jeannie McGuire (Figurative Watercolor Workshops - PA,USA)
Jeff Carnal (Watercolor – MI,USA)
Jennifer J. Branch (Watercolor - GA,USA)
Jennifer Wu (Watercolor/Acrylic/Ceramics - WA,USA)
Jenny Rodwell (Watercolour - UK)
Jerald Peterson (Watercolor - OK,USA)
Jill Rosoff (Watercolor Workshops - CA,USA)
Jill Stefani Wagner (Watercolor/Pastel - MI,USA)
Jim Barry (Watercolor/Acrylic - CA,USA)
Jim Black (Watercolour - TX,USA)
Jim Highland (Watercolor - OR,USA)
Jo Firm (Watercolor - MO/NV,USA)
Jo Hudson (Watercolour – UK)
Jo Lynch (Watercolor - FL,USA)
Joan DaGradi (Watercolor/Oil - LA,USA)
Joan McKasson (Watercolor - CA,USA)
Joan Wale (Watercolor – CA,USA) Artist Facebook Page
Joan Wolbier (Watercolor – CO,USA)
Jodi Ferris (Watercolor- New Zealand)
Joe Cartwright (Watercolor – TX,USA)
Joe Lackie (Watercolor – LA,USA)
Joe Santos (Watercolor - CA,USA)
Joe Tibbets (Watercolor - NM,USA
Joel Tenzin (Watercolor - France)
Joλlle Thirion (Watercolor - Belgium)
John Crouse (Wildlife Art - NJ, USA)
John Doyle MBE, PPRWS (Watercolour - UK)
John Helms (Watercolor/Oil - TN,USA)
John Lovett (Watercolour - Australia)
John Poole (Watercolour - UK)
John Salchak (Watercolor - CA,USA)
John Smee (Watercolour - UK)
Joke Klootwijk (Watercolor - Netherlands)
Jonathan Owens (Watercolor - WA,USA)
Joni Mitchell (Paintings/Music)
Jonna Espey (Watercolor – NY,USA)
Joseph Alleman, AWS (Watercolor - UT,USA)
Josette Mercier-Kornmayer (Watercolor – Switzerland)
Joy Skinner (Watercolor - Manitoba,Canada)
Joyce Faulknor
Joyce Frederick (Etching/Prints/Watercolors - MA,USA)
Joyce Heuman (Watercolor/Graphics - CO,USA)
Joyce Hicks (Watercolor/Oil - TX,USA)
Jocelyn Slack (Crane Creek Graphics - WY,USA)
Juan Carlos Gayoso (Watercolor/Oil - Venezuela)
Juan Pena (Watercolor-Oil - CA,USA)
Juda Tverski (Comic Art)
Jude Maceren

French Bistro (detail) © 2004 Judi Russell
A Featured Artist
"My art represents my vision of what I would like the world to be, full of warmth, wonder, magic and spirituality. My hope is that my work will touch the child in every viewer."

Judith E. Fields (Watercolor/Mixed Media - AL,USA)
Judy Huang (Watercolor/Ink – GA,USA)
Judy Laliberte (Watercolor/Mixed Media - VT,USA)
Judy McNamara (Watercolor - FL,USA)
Judy Morris, AWS,NWS (Watercolor - OR,USA)
Julie Hammer (Watercolor - KS,USA)
Julie Hill (Watercolor – CA,USA)
Julie Schroeder (Watercolor – MN,USA)
June Rollins (Watercolor – NC,USA)
Kameko Madere (Watercolor - CA,USA)
Karen Friedland (Watercolor/Pastel)
Karen, Rebecca, & Bonnie Latham (Wildlife & Nature Art - MN,USA)
Karen S. Thompson (Watercolor - FL,USA)
Karen Wright (Watercolor - CA,USA)
Kaaren Oreck, NWS (Watercolor - WI,USA) Kaaren Oreck
Karin Mayer (Watercolor - Belgium)

All Cracked Up © Katharine A. Cartwright
Kathy offers painting workshops nationwide in all media, with special focus on technique and content. All great paintings begin with a great idea! Learn how to create unique and meaningful art.

Workshop listings and a detailed description at: www.kacartwright.com.

Katherine Reyes (Watercolor/Oil/Pastel - AZ,USA)
Katherine Weber (Watercolor/Drawing – CA,USA)
Katherine S. McDermott (Watercolor/Pastel)
Kathi Peters (Watercolor/Casein - ME,USA)
Kathleen Alexander (Watercolor - CA,USA)
Kathleen McGee (Watercolor - AZ,USA)
Kathryn Bourbonniere (Watercolor - ON, Canada)
Kathryn Darling (Watercolor - MT,USA)
Kathryn Ragan (Watercolor/Sketches – Canada)
Kathy Edwards (Watercolour - Australia/France)
Kathy Miller Stone (Watercolor - LA,USA)
Katy Sodeau (Wildlife/Equestrian/Watercolour - UK)
Katrina Small (Watercolor/Acrylic - CA,USA)
Katrina Vanderlip (Watercolor - NY,USA)
Keary Kautzer (Watercolor/Plein Air - WI,USA)
Kelly Eddington (Watercolor - IL,USA)
Kelly Singleton (Wildlife Art – MD,USA)
Ken Hosmer (Watercolor - NE,USA)
Ken Marsden (Watercolor - WI,USA)
Ken Morris (Watercolor/Oil/Drawing – TX,USA)
Ken Wheeler (Watercolor - NY,USA)
Kent Schmidt (Watercolor – ID,USA)
Kevin M. Haller (Watercolour - MO,USA)
Keiko Tanabe (Watercolor - CA,USA
Kim Kimmons (Watercolor - TN,USA)
Kimberley Reid (Watercolor – CA,USA)
Kristin F. Schobert (Watercolor - TX,USA & France)
Krys Gieskieng (Watercolor - CO,USA)
Krys Pettit (Watercolor – FL,USA)
Krystal Allen (Watercolor - CA,USA)
Laina Nilsson Gately (Watercolor - AZ,USA)
Larry Johnson (Watercolor – WA,USA)
Larry Willcutt (Watercolor - TX,USA)
Laura Trevey (Watercolor - VA,USA)
Laura Wilk (Watercolor - CT,USA)
Laurie Humble (Watercolor - TX,USA)
Lavonne Rice-Gordon (Watercolor – MT,USA)
Leah Niemoth (Watercolor - FL,USA)
Lee Ricks (Watercolor – TX,USA)
Leisa Collins (Watercolor/Acrylic - VA,USA)
leit motif art (.co.uk) (Anne & Lindsay Mackay - UK)
Len Prior (Watercolour/Oil/Acrylic - UK)
Lenny Gemski (Watercolor Workshops – FL,USA)
Leszek Forczek (Watercolor - CA,USA)
Lians Zhen (Watercolor/Oil - NV,USA)
Liliane Goossens (Watercolor/Oil/Acrylics - Belgium)
Lillian Fioretzi (Watercolor/Digital - France)
Lilly Fluger (Watercolor – CA,USA)
Linda Dallas (Watercolor - NC,USA)
Linda Guyton (Watercolor/Acrylic - ID,USA)
Linda Hoxie (Watercolor - ID,USA)
Liu Shu-Tsin (Watercolor - Belgium)
Liz Campbell (Watercolor/Drawing - Canada)
Liz Donovan (Watercolor)
Lois Wolford (Watercolor - MD,USA)
Lori Andrews (Watercolor - CA,USA)
Lori Konkle (Tribute) (Watercolor – VA,USA)
Lorraine Arsenault (Watercolourist - Quιbec,Canada)
Lorraine Watry (Watercolor - CO,USA)
Lucy Arnold (Watercolor/Pastel/Jewelry - CA,USA)
Luigi Meregalli (Watercolor - Italy)
Lukas Benes (Watercolour - Czechoslovakia)
Luke Buck (Watercolor/Gouache/Acrylic - IN,USA)
Lynette Bagley (Watercolor – TX,USA)
M. E. Bailey, NWS (Watercolor – CA,USA)
M.E.Whitehill (Watercolor - NY,USA)
MJ Forster (Watercolour – UK)
Majid Faghfouri (Watercolor/Drawing - Iran)
Marcel Reynaert (Watercolor - Belgium)
Margaret Stermer-Cox (Watercolor/Acrylic - WA,USA)
Marguerite Costigan (Watercolor - CA,USA)
Maria Athanasiou (Christian Art – NY,USA)
Marie Baker (Watercolour/Pastel - UK) Link 2
Marian Bax-Slayter (Watercolor - Canada)
Marilyn Sears Bourbon (Watercolor - CA,USA)
Marina Kontorina (Watercolor - MI,USA)
Marius Pierre Cousin (Watercolor - France)
Mark McDermott (Watercolor - AK,USA)
Mark Millet (Watercolor/Acrylic)
Mark Stewart (Watercolor - TX,USA)
Marla Rice-Evans (Watercolor - NC,USA)
Marlies Najaka (Watercolor - NYC,USA)
Margaret Crowley-Kiggins (Watercolor)
Marilyn Fuerstenberg (Watercolor - WI,USA)
Marsha Chandler GWS,WSA (Watercolor - GA,USA)
Martha Smith Hayes (Watercolor – VA,USA)
Martin Stephenson (Watercolour – UK) Link 2
Marvin Chew (Watercolor – Singapore)
Mary Ann Boysen (Watercolor - OH,USA)
Mary Anna Welch (Watercolor - OH,USA)
Mary Barrie (Watercolor - CA,USA)
Mary Francis Hill, NWS (Watercolor/Maritime - WI,USA)
Mary Irwin (Watercolor - WA,USA)
Mary Shepard (Watercolor/Oil - USA)
Mary Sorrows Hughes (Watercolor/Drawing - LA,USA)
Mary Spires (Watercolor - OH,USA)
Mary-Anna Fricano Welch (Watercolor - OH,USA)
Maureen D. Dean (Watercolor - OR,USA)
Maury Kettell (Watercolor)
MCG Williams (Watercolor - NM,USA)
Melanie Elliott (Watercolor - Canada)
Melissa Nowacki (Painting/Drawing - NJ,USA)

Faery Glen (Detail) - © 2007 Meredith Dillman
A Featured Artist
Meredith is fantasy artist and illustrator living in Minnesota. Most of her paintings are created with watercolor. She is inspired by Pre-Raphaelite artists, Japanese comics, and turn-of-the-century book illustration as well as contemporary fantasy artists.

Merv Richardson (Watercolours/Workshops – Canada)
Michael Grayeagle (Watercolor - PA,USA)
Michael Lukyniuk (Watercolor - Quιbec,CANADA)
Michal Madison (Watercolor Portraits - CA,USA)
Michael J. Turner (Watercolor - NJ,USA)
Michele Squibb (Watercolor - NY,USA)
Michele Suchland NWS (Watercolor - AK,USA)
Michele Pecora Viscosi (Watercolor/Acrylic – USA)
Mike Toft (Watercolour – UK)

Cycle in the Puddle © 2005 Milind Mulick
A Featured Artist
One of the foremost watercolor painters from India, Milind captures the essence from a simple everyday situation, be it landscape, cityscape or still life.

Miles Baker (Watercolour - Devon,UK)
Milton Charles (1921-2002 - NJ,USA)
Mimi Torchia Boothby (Watercolor – WA,USA)
Mingming Mia Bowerson (Watercolor - PA,USA)
Miroslaw Chelchowski (Watercolor/Oil – NJ,USA)
Mirsad Mehulic (Watercolour – Germany)
Mojtaba Abtahi (Watercolor – Iran)
Mollie Jones (Watercolor – TX,USA)
Mya Kerner (Painting/Sculpture - PA,USA)

Texas Hill Country Art by Nan Henke

Nancy Couick Studios (Watercolor - NC,USA)
Nancy Fortunato (Watercolor - IL,USA)
Nancy Lee Stewart, Ph.D. (Watercolor/Acrylic - NM,USA)
Nancy Pratt (Watercolor/Drawing – SC,USA)
Naomi Brotherton (Watercolor - TX,USA)
Natalie Taylor (Watercolor - Canada)

Tokyo Express - © 2008 Nicholas Simmons
A Featured Artist
Nicholas' work has been featured in Watercolor Artist magazine, the American Art Collector, The Artists Magazine, and American Artist Watercolor Magazine. His award-winning work and progressive teaching style inspire students of his popular workshops and videos.

Nina Allen Freeman GWS,TaWS (Watercolor - FL,USA)
Nita Engle (Watercolor-Lessons - USA)
Norma Pfund (Funwatercolors.com) (Watercolor - MI,USA)
Odile Garnier (Aquarelles - France)
Olivier Cantenys (Aquarelles/More - France)
Ona Kingdon CSPWC,PWS (Watercolor - Canada)
Ong Kim Seng (Watercolor - Malaysia)
Pam Adams (Watercolour - Australia)
Pam McDaniel (Watercolor - TN,USA)
Pam Webb (Watercolor - FL,USA)
Pamela Alderman (Watercolor - MI,USA)
Pamela West (Watercolour - UK)
Parviz Fardi Rad (Watercolor/Drawing - Canada)
Pasqualino Fracasso (Acquerelli - Italy)
Pat Dispenziere (Watercolor - CA,USA)
Pat San Soucie (Watercolor - OR,USA)
Pat Sann (Watercolor – TX,USA)
Pat Weaver (Watercolor - FL,USA)
Patricia A. Hicks Ruiz (Watermedia – ID/MI,USA)
Patrick J. Reynolds (Watercolor/Oil - USA)
Patricia A. Allen, NWS,TWSA (Watercolor – CA,USA)
Patty Schwarz (Watercolor - NY,USA)
Paul Brand (Watercolor - ME,USA)
Paul Dmoch (Watercolour - Belgium)
Paul Jackson, AWS,NWS (Watercolor - MO,USA)
Paul Moran (Watercolor - Cairo, Egypt)
Paul Talbot-Greaves (Watercolour - UK)
Paula Beaulieu (Watercolor/Workshops - MA,USA)
Pauline Healey (Watercolor - FL,USA)
Peter Lau/Daily Watercolor (Watercolor - Canada)
Peter P. Briant (Watercolor - LA,USA)
Peter S. Konopka (Watercolor - NJ,USA)
Peter Vilhelm Nielsen (Watercolor - Denmark)
Peter Ward (Watercolour Blog – UK)
Peter Woolley (Watercolour/Workshops – UK)
Phil Hilton (Watercolor - FL,USA)
Phyllis Snow (Watercolor/Photographer - CA,USA)
Piet Lap (Watercolours - Netherlands)
Preston Steed (Watercolor - CO,USA)
R. Grzeszczakowski (Watercolor - Poland)
R.H. Johnson (Watercolor - NJ,USA)
Rachel Abend (Watercolor - NY,USA)
Rachel McNaughton (Watercolour - Leeds,UK)
Rae Ann Williams (Watercolor - CA,USA)
Rahul Deshpande (Watercolor - India)
Ramazan Aykilic (Flickr) (Watercolor - Turkey)
Randy Emmons (Watercolor – WA,USA)
Ray Annino (Watercolor - NY,USA)
Ray Campbell Smith (Watercolour - UK)
Ray Campeau (Watercolor/Oil - MT,USA)
Ray Cloutier (Watercolor - USA)
Ray Toombs (Watercolor - France)
Raymond Whitehouse (Watercolour - UK)
Renee Rigsby (Watercolor)
Rene' Young (Watercolor - CO,USA)
Richard C. Moore (ASMA)
Richard Hanson (Watercolor - IA,USA)
Richard Treaster (Watercolor - d.2002)
Rick Clubb (Watercolor/Casein - IL,USA)
Rick F. Foulger (Watercolor - Canada)
Riki Schneyer (Watercolor/Gouache - VA,USA)
Rita Zaudke (Watercolor - KS,USA)
Rob Harper (Multiple Mediums - CA,USA)
Robbie Laird (Watercolor – CA,USA)
Robert Beard (Watercolor/Other - NY,USA)

Sugarbush 2 © 2007 Robert J. O'Brien
A Featured Artist
An award-winning nationally exhibited artist, Robert uses the natural play of light and shadow to express his love of the forgotten rural realms of New England and France. Select originals and giclee prints available at Robert's website, www.robertjobrien.com.

Robert Long (Watercolor - FL,USA)
Robert McFarland (Watercolor - UT,USA)
Robert Sutton (Watercolor – LA,USA)
Roberto Magnolfi (Watercolor/Oil - Italy)

Watercolors © by Robin McBride
Small but savvy, the artist takes everyday objects or subjects and introduce them in vibrant colors and unique shapes. The creative paintings embrace a new perspective while communicating in miniature sizes 2 1/2" x 2 1 1/2" to 10" x 12". A special gloss is applied to bring out the rich colors. Contemporary. Guaranteed to please.

Robin McBride (Watercolor/Ink Miniatures – TX,USA)
Robin Mead Designs (Watercolor/Mixed - NY,USA)
Robin Purcell, NWS, CWA (Watercolor - CA,USA)
Rod Stewart (Watercolor/Photography - Canada)
Roger Simpson (Watercolour/Portraits - UK)
Roland Lee (Watercolor - UT,USA)
Ronald Pratt (Watercolor – CA,USA)
Ron Ranson (Watercolour - OR,USA)
Ron Ridley (Youtube Watercolor – CA,USA)
Ron Serfass (Watercolor - FL, USA)
Ronnie Cramer (Watercolor - CO,USA)
Roxanne Peltier (Wildlife Watercolors)
Roxie Hanon (Watercolor - Argentina)
Roy Fuller (Watercolor - FL, USA)
Roy Tibbits (Watercolour - Canada)
Russ Johnson (Watercolor - NJ,USA)
Russell Norberg (Watercolor - MN,USA)
Ruth Armitage, NWS (Watercolor - OR,USA)
Ruth Bodycott (Watercolor - NH,USA)
Ruth Koch (Watercolor - CA,USA)
Ruth Steinfatt (Watercolor - Canada)
S. Balachandran (Watercolour - India)
Sabina Turner (Watercolor/Oil - CA,USA)
Sachin Naik (Watercolour - India)
Saim Altuncu (Watercolor - Istanbul,Turkey)
Salvatore Ventura (Watercolor - MO,USA)
Sally Baker (Watercolor - CA,USA)
Sally Cannon Ellis (Watercolor/Blog - Idaho)
Sam Austrin-Miner (Watercolours - Scotland)
Samantha Mcnally (Watercolors - CA,USA)
Samiran Sarkar (Watercolor - India)
Sandra Lynn Derry (Watercolor - ON,Canada)
Sandrine Pelissier, AFCA, NWW (Watercolor – AZ,USA)
Sandy Simmons (Watercolor - CA,USA)
Saundra Kamman (Watercolor/Ceramics - OR,USA)
Scott Anthony, NWS (Watercolor - CA,USA)
Scott Moore (Watercolor/Oil - CA,USA)
Seah Kam Chuan (Watercolor - Singapore)
Sergey Zhiboedov (Watercolor/Pastel - NC,USA)
Setsuko Yoshida (Watercolor – UT,USA)
Shanti Marie (Watercolor)
Sharon Freeman (Watercolor - WA,USA)
Sharon Wesner (Watercolor - OR,USA)
Sheila Gill (Watercolour - UK)
Sheila Shochet (Watercolor - IL,USA)
Shibu Biswas (Watercolour – India)
Shirley Charlton (Watercolour/Pastel - QLD,Australia)
Shuang Li (Watercolor - CA,USA)
Sid Salvatore (Watercolor – ME,USA)
Simon Bull (Watercolor - CA,USA)
Sinclair Stratton (Watercolor - CA,USA)
Skripkar Sergey (Watercolor/More - Israel)
Smt Uma Bardhan (Watercolor - India)
Spencer Meagher (Watercolor/More - IL,USA) Link 2
Stan Fellows (Watercolor/Drawing – IA,USA)
Stephanie Newsom (Watercolor - CA,USA)
Stephen Bauckman (Watercolor/Maritimes - Canada)
Stephen Dolmatch (Watercolor/Gouache – NY,USA)
Sterling Edwards (A Featured Artist)

A Piedmont Snow Scene (Detail) © 2011 Sterling Edwards
© 2011 Sterling Edwards
Watercolor Workshops • Signature Brushes • DVD's • Book

Steve Dunne (Watercolour - UK)

In the Reeds © 2005 Sue Dickinson
A Featured Artist
"It is important for the viewer to be able to see the mark of the artist, the journey I have taken on the page."

Sue Gomen-Honnell (Watercolor - OR,USA)
Sue Kemp (Watercolor – TX,USA)
Sue St. John (Watercolor - IN,USA)
Suluboya Resim (Watercolor - Turkey)

Rose © Susan Harrison-Tustain
Susan’s detailed ‘naturalistic realism’ style of watercolor painting is achieved using her ‘priming method’ and many fine transparent layers. Author of best-seller ‘Glorious Garden Flowers in Watercolor’ she has more recently released three 2-disc DVD sets.

Susan Hill (Christian Art - UK)
Susan J. Spanbauer (Watercolor - WI,USA)
Susie Short (Watercolor)
Suzanne Accetta (Watercolor/Colored Pencil - OH,USA)
Sylvia Amιlia (Watercolor - Brazil)
Tammy Groves Thornton (Watercolor - TN, USA)
Tammy Phillips (Watercolor eGallery – AK,USA)
Tasia (Watercolors)
Terekhov Vladislav (Watercolor/Drawing - Russia)
Teresa Silvestri (Watercolor/Cards/Prints - CA,USA)
Terry Harrison (Watercolor/Acrylics - UK)
Thomas B. Freeman (Watercolor - CA,USA)
Thomas Draving (Watercolor - FL, USA)
Thomas Stratton (Watercolor - NY,USA)
Thomas W. Schaller (Watercolor/Architect - CA,USA) LINK 2
Tim Wilmot (Watercolor Blog - UK)
Tin Nguyen (Watercolors)
Tina Woodruff (Watercolor/Water media -TX,USA)

Abstract Blue and Pink (Detail) © Tom Fong
A Featured Artist
Tom is a signature member of Watercolor West, serving as president in 2003 and 2004. His award winning paintings have been shown in numerous national competitions, and his work has appeared in Splash 6 and in The Artist's Magazine, American Artist, Watercolor, and Watercolor Magic. Visit www.tomfongwatercolors.com for a schedule of his upcoming workshops and demonstrations.

Tom Francesconi NWS,TWSA (Watercolor - IL,USA)
Tom Jones (Watercolor - FL,USA)
Tom Linden (Watercolor – IL,USA)
Tom Noble (Watercolor – NM,USA)
Tommy B. McDonell (Watercolor/Mixed – NC,USA)
Tony Armendariz (Watercolor/Digital - IL,USA)
Tony Connor (Watercolor - VT,USA)

Workshop Demo © 2009 Tony Couch
A Featured Artist
Tony's all time best selling book, Watercolor, You Can Do It! is a used in college art departments and is loved by thousands of artists. Tony has won over 70 awards and teaches 5-day workshops across the USA. His 10 "How to" watercolor painting and drawing videos have inspired thousands of artists worldwide.

Workshop Demo © 2009 Tony van Hasselt
A Featured Artist
Tony van Hasselt help pioneer the whole concept of watercolor workshops back in 1963. His is a veteran watercolor artist with a gift for teaching and a love of nature. Co-author of the "Watercolor Fix-it Book," (with Judi Wagner) you can find his Books and DVD Videos on his website along with galleries, his "8 Building Blocks of Painting," his workshop schedule, and a whole lot more!

Tracee Murphy (Watercolor - TX,USA)
Tracy Taylor (Watercolor - CA,USA)
Treeline Studio (David Brougham/Lorna Dall - Canada)
Udara Lakmal (Watercolour – Sri Lanka)
Ursula Ippoliti (Watercolor - PA,USA)
Valerie Margolis (Watercolor/Acrylic - NH,USA)
Valerie Millett (Watercolor/Drawing - AZ,USA)
Valeriy Grachov (Watercolor/Oil - Ukraine)
Vasile Movileanu (1955-2011) (Watercolor/Illustration - Moldova)
Vasile Popescu (Transylvania, Romania)
Vicky Lilla (Watercolor – WI,USA)
Victor Andres (Watercolor - WA,USA)
Victor Martinez (Watercolor - AZ,USA)
Vinita Pappas (Watercolor – OR,USA) Link 2
Violet Dauk (Watercolor - MN,USA)
Walt Chaney (Watercolor – RI,USA)
Ward Hooper (Watercolor - NY,USA)
Warren Thompson (Watercolor – FL,USA)
Wendy Soneson (Watercolor – MA,USA)
Wes Waugh (Watercolor - NC, USA)
Whee Teck (Watercolor - Singapore)
Will Bullas (Watercolor/Acrylic Illustration - CA,USA)
William Matthews (Watercolor - CO,USA)
William J. Zeigler AWS (1911-1999) (Watercolor – PA,USA)
William R. Maurer (Watercolor – FL,USA/France)
Willy Richardson (Watercolor – NM,USA)
Wm. Kelly Bailey (Watercolor/Acrylic - TX,USA)
Woody Hansen (Watercolor - CA,USA)
Woon Lam Ng, NWS (Watercolor/Oil - Singapore)
Yevgenia Watts (Watercolor - CA,USA)
Yonca Berksό (Watercolor - Turkey)
Yoshio Toyomasu (Watercolor – Japan)
Yutaka Fukuda (Watercolor - Japan)
Zaher Mouhib El-Bizri (Watercolor - Lebanon)


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