Animals and Wildlife Art (primary medium: all)

Adrian C. Rigby (Wildlife Art - UK)
Al Agnew (Wildlife Art - MO,USA)
Alan Brassington (Equine Paintings - UK)
Alison Nicholls (Watercolor/Wildlife NY,USA)
Anthony Lionel Pittaway (Wildlife Art - Greece)
April Howland (Pet Portraits AZ,USA)
b. johnson (Dog Paintings CA,USA)
Betty Vandenack (Pet Portraits - WI,USA)
Bishal Nath (WildLife/Abstract Acrylic - India)
Bledsoe Art (Animal and Figurative Art)
Bonnie Evans (Wildlife Art - CT,USA)
Brenda Musgrave Doss (Wildlife Art - CA,USA)
CamJam (Wildlife/Bullfight eGallery - Spain)
Carel Pieter Brest van Kempen (Wildlife Art - UT,USA)
Carol Heiman-Greene (Wildlife Art - CA,USA)
Crista Forest (Wildlife Art - WA,USA)
Cynthie Fisher (Wildlife Art - MT,USA)
Daniel Smith (Wildlife Art - MT,USA)
David Kitler (Wildlife Painting - Canada)
David Totten (Wildlife Art - AK,USA)
E. Cereby (Watercolor/Pen & Ink - UT,USA)
Ellen Long (Watercolor/Wildlife Art - SC,USA)
Francis E. Sweet (Wildlife Art - MD,USA)
Fred Weiser (Wildlife Art - TN,USA)
Gamini Ratnavira (Wildlife Art - CA,USA)
Guy Coheleach (Wildlife Art - GA,USA)
Hazel Morgan (Oil Portrait/Equestrian - UK)
Jim Highland (Watercolor Animals - OR,USA)
John Crouse (Wildlife Art - NJ, USA)
Judy A. Schrader (Wildlife Art - PA,USA)
Julie Palmer (Pet Portraits - UK)
Karen, Rebecca, and Bonnie Latham (Wildlife Artists - MN,USA)
Karrie-Ann Cooper (Pet Portraits)
Katja Turnsek (Oil/Watercolor Pet Portraits)
Katy Sodeau (Wildlife/Equestrian/Watercolour - UK)
Kelly Taylor (Animals & Wildlife - MN,USA)
Larry Chandler (Wildlife Art - AL,USA)
Larry Zach (Wildlife Art - IA,USA)
Linda Besse (Wildlife Art - WA,USA)
Linda Rossin (Wildlife Art - NJ,USA)
Mark S. Anderson (Wildlife Art - SD,USA)
Martiena Richter (Wildlife Art - IL,USA)
Martin Ridley (Wildlife Art - Scotland)
Mary Roberson (Wildlife Art - IA,USA)
Melissa Smith (Pet Portraits - TX,USA)
Morten E. Solberg (Wildlife Art - FL,USA)
Natalie Green (Acrylic/Watercolor - Alberta, Canada)
Pam Utton (Pet Portraits Blog FL,USA)
Paul Bosman (Wildlife Art - AZ,USA)

Rachel Armington (Cat Paintings - MA,USA)
Randy McGovern (Wildlife Art - GA,USA)
Randy McGovern (II) (Wildlife Art - GA,USA)
Rebecca Kemp (Wildlife/Fantasy Art)
Roger Hall (Wildlife Art - CA,USA)
Roger Smith (Wildlife Sculpture - MI,USA)
Scott Davis (Wildlife Art - CA,USA)
Steve P. Volski (Wildlife Art - TX,USA)
Sue Deutscher Arabian Horse Pastel Paintings (Pastels)

In the Reeds  2005 Sue Dickinson Sue Dickinson
Watercolor - Africa
"It is important for the viewer to be able to see the mark of the artist, the journey I have taken on the page."

Susan Knowles Jordan (Wildlife Art - ME,USA)
Suzanne Vivette (Wildlife Art - WA,USA)
Teri L. Whiteley-Sowden (Wildlife Art - NV,USA)
Thomas Joseph (Sheep Art - Ireland)
Vivi Crandall (Wildlife Art - WY,USA)
Wes & Rachelle Siegrist (Miniature Wildlife Art)
Wick Ahrens (Whale Sculpture - VT,USA)

One Stop Equine Shop (Horse Gifts IL,USA)
Wildlife Art Magazine (Wildlife Art)
Outback Trading Shack (Outdoor Themed Merchandise)
Equinart Creations (Model Horses)
Northeast Michigan School of Wildlife Art (Taxidermy School)
Wildlife Artist Supply Company (Taxidermy Supplies)
Mitch Cain (Taxidermist - OR,USA)
Locie Murphy (Taxidermist - IL,USA)

Country Side Studio (Wildlife Art eGallery - TN,USA)
Zucco Fine Art Gallery (Animals & Wildlife Art)
Wildlife Artists NetLink (Wildlife Art eGallery)
Artists for Conservation (Wildlife Art eGallery)
Original Bird Art (Wildlife Art eGallery)
Art for Wildlife (Wildlife Gallery - CA,USA)
Alaska Art Guild (Wildlife Art eGallery)
Metal Orchids Gallery (Wildlife Art Gallery - LA,USA)
Watson's Wildlife Art (Wildlife Art eGallery)
Wildlife Artist of the Year (Wildlife Art)
Untamed Artists (Wildlife Art eGallery)


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