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Watercolor University
How to Paint - Video Tutorials
Everything you need to know about watercolor painting in easy-to-follow full-screen videos. Watch award-winning watercolor artists explain everything from brushes and color concepts to advanced techniques. Learn how pro artists achieve special effects and follow along to step-by-step paintings from start to finish.

Mediterranean Beach Scene (detail) © 2012 Allan Kirk
How to Paint - Text Tutorials
Learn about the variety of ways you can put watercolor paint to paper to achieve the effects you want. Starting with a flat wash you can explore the techniques of tones and textures on dry or wet paper. See various brush handling skills that can inspire you. Great for practice and learning the basics of watercolor painting.
Duval Street by Eliot O'Hara
Famous Watercolor Painters
There are now 48 watercolor artists of import represented in the Famous Artists: Watercolor masters section of the Learning Center. Learn about the watercolorists of the "California Group" and other painters including Rex Brandt, Eliot O'Hara (art pictured left), Mario Cooper, Phil Dike, John Pike, Millard Sheets, and Milford Zornes. (Left: "Duval Street" by Eliot O'Hara)
Mediterranean Beach Scene (detail) © 2012 Allan Kirk
Step-by-Step Paintings
Those of you who enjoyed Allan Kirk's past step-by-step watercolour lessons will enjoy his newest installment, a colorful and classic Mediterranean beach scene. Let Allan show you how to orchestrate the jumble of bright umbrellas and beach goers into a beautiful painting!
NEW! The Principles, Elements, and Meta Principles of Design © Greg Conley
Art 101, The Foundation for Painting
Keep a sketchbook close at hand and use it frequently. Familiarize yourself with Drawing Lines and Values, Perspective, learn some Composition Secrets, or consider The Golden Spiral, and Design Principles and Elements as you sketch and paint. Take your time and study the reference chapters in the Learning Center, a mini online art school.
Perspective Primer 101
Learn to simulate the depth of 3D in the flatlands of your 2D substrates.
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