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Beginners Guide
A quick review of the basic watercolor supplies.
Brush Care 101
The care and feeding of watercolor brushes.
Hold that Brush
5 ways to hold your brush for new and unexpected results.
Thick and Thin Strokes
Brush Skills
Hone your craft with 6 quick and easy brush exercises.

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On The Net: Artist Showcase
All images © copyright of individual artists
See fine watercolor paintings from artists living in the USA and around the world.
(All images © copyright of individual artists)
  This edition of the On The Net Artist Showcase features an all-male selection of past all-stars and a couple up-and-coming pro painters.
  See the works of Thomas W. Schaller, Nicholas Simmons, Sterling Edwards, M.E. Mike Bailey, Milind Mulick, and Andy Evansen.
  Click on their links in the Artist Showcase and check out the techniques and subject matter each artist uses to create their personal vision, and smile!

How to Paint
Learn about the variety of ways you can put watercolor paint to paper to achieve the effects you want. Starting with a flat wash you can explore the techniques of tones and textures on dry or wet paper. See various brush handling skills that can inspire you. Great for practice and learning the basics of watercolor painting.

Famous Watercolor Painters
There are now 48 watercolor artists of import represented in the Famous Artists: Watercolor masters section of the Learning Center. Learn about the watercolorists of the "California Group" and other painters including Rex Brandt, Eliot O'Hara (art pictured left), Mario Cooper, Phil Dike, John Pike, Millard Sheets, and Milford Zornes. (Left: "Duval Street" by Eliot O'Hara)
Step-by-Step Paintings
Those of you who enjoyed Allan Kirk's past step-by-step watercolour lessons will enjoy his newest installment, a colorful and classic Mediterranean beach scene. Let Allan show you how to orchestrate the jumble of bright umbrellas and beach goers into a beautiful painting!

Watercolor Brushes! - New Products!
Watercolor Brush Sets
Introducing Escoda's Nicholas Simmons Signature Brush Sets (2) and Sterling Edwards Complete Brush Set (w/DVD!), both equally worthy of your consideration. Get the prices, construction specs and prices in the New Products section of

Morning Coffee, Richmond, Victoria (detail) © Joe Cartwright
Artist Links
You will find it easier to locate artists of all genres and mediums in the Artist's Websites and Art Links directory pages. You could start with Texas artist Joe Cartwright (left: detail of Morning Coffee, Richmond, Victoria) who happens to run, and plot out a golden spiral from there.

Drawing Materials © 2014 Greg Conley
Drawing Materials
The new Drawing Materials section has 12 chapters containing in-depth tests and anaylsis of all the popular drawing and sketching materials. Learn about charcoal and graphite pencils, see comparisons of chalks, pastels, and crayons. Learn how to sharpen a pencil by hand (and at your own risk -.ed) and a whole lot more.

More than Watercolor Painting
Keep a sketchbook close at hand and use it frequently. Familiarize yourself with Drawing Lines and Values, Perspective, learn some Composition Secrets, or consider The Golden Spiral, and Design Principles and Elements as you sketch and paint. Take your time and study the reference chapters in the Learning Center, a mini online art school.
Perspective Primer 101
Learn to simulate the depth of 3D in the flatlands of your two dimensional substrates.
New Art Links! from our 03-20-2013 update:

Joan Maguire (Watercolor - PA,USA)
Janice Skipper Dann (Watercolor/Floral - UK/Australia)
Gordon Hayward (Sculpture/Watercolor/Digital - South Africa)
Bob Hughes (Oil/Plein Air/More - UK)
David Harvey (Watercolor - UK)
Amanda Brett (Watercolor Workshops - New Zealand)
John Rowland Kay (Watercolor - UK)
Bob Shaw (Watercolor - CA,USA)
Michele Clamp (Watercolor - MA,USA)
Derek McCrea (Watercolor - GA,USA)
Jayson Yeoh Choon Seng (Watercolor - China)
Stormans Artworks (Folk Art - MO,USA) (Body Casting Supplies - NJ,USA)
Rolf Zaska Productions (Video/Photography - Ireland)
  Artists by Fine Leaf (Fine Art Agent - NH,USA) (French Art Workshops - UK) (Giclee art printer - UK)
  Collie Art (Painting Factory - TX,USA)
  Artisoo (Painting Factory - China)
  Canvas Gallery Art (Canvas Art Prints - NJ,USA)
  NeoPopRealismPRESS (Art Books - NY,USA)
  Instabox (Boxes/Displays - Canada)
  Chelsea Independent College (A-Level Retakes - UK) (Online Art Courses - Australia)
  Antonelli College (Digital-arts Program - OH/MS,USA)
  Oil Painting Techniques Lessons (Painting Reference) (T Shirts - India)
  One Stop Equine Shop (Horse Tack - IL,USA)

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